Rumour has it! It's all speculation at this point, but there's word that UK songstress Adele will be dropping her highly-anticipated third album by the end of the year, and then head out on a world tour for 2015. The World Music Award's Twitter account sent out a tweet claiming that the "Someone Like You" hit-maker is planning on naming the album 25 — naturally, since her previous efforts are 19 and 21 —  and she'll go on tour as early as next year. Around Adele's birthday this past May, the singer also took to Twitter to hint at her upcoming LP. That's as much confirmation as the public has that her album is just around the corner, despite this news from the World Music Awards. Apparently, their sources are dubious, because Billboard was contacted by the head of Adele's record label saying there was "no truth in this". Darn! Are you excited for Adele's new album, even if these rumours appear to be false?

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