"Simply some of the best on-ear headphones you can buy." So says an expert about the Blueant Embrace On-Ear Headphones. In this case, the expert is Edward Chester, a reviewer from the UK audio and gadget site Trusted Reviews. According to Chester, Blueant is a worldwide manufacturer known best for their Bluetooth cell home headsets. With the Embrace line of products, Blueant ventures into the world of stereo sounds. "The Blueant Embrace remind us of the B&W P5," says Chester, "but they cost a cool £100 less." Chester goes on to ask if the Embrace is a deal too good to be true (considering the rig comes in at just $25 US). Apparently not. "The Blueant Embrace are a truly great set of headphones," is Chester's conclusion. "They look stylish, are superbly well-made, pack in plenty of features and extras in the box," he adds "and most of all they sound great too." Read his full review at Trusted Reviews and get more information on these $25 sweeties at My Blueant.

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