[caption id="attachment_21293" align="aligncenter" width="385" caption="Getty Images"][/caption] What do you think of when you hear the names Ty England, Aaron Lines, Chad Brock, and Heartland? To some, a hit song, to some a collective, "Huh?" We have heard it all before. A song comes out, it is a smash hit, and then the artist fades from the spotlight. It doesn't seem to happen as much in country music as it does in pop music, but country music is not void of a few here and there. Here is a list of artists who entered the country music scene swingin', but ended up fading away (in no particular order): [lastfm]Josh Gracin[/lastfm]: His 2004 hit "Nothing To Lose" raced to the top of the charts and his next single, "Stay With Me (Brass Bed)" also performed well, but he could not get back to the top of the mountain, hit-wise. [lastfm]The Wreckers[/lastfm]: It still may be a little early to call the end of "The Wreckers", but after their smash hit, "Leave The Pieces", they have had a hard time matching that success. [lastfm]Heartland[/lastfm]: In 2006, they released their hit single, "I Loved Her First". While it might be a little early to dismiss them, they have released 5 singles since with little results. We wish them the best. [lastfm]Chad Brock[/lastfm]: Let's be fair, this former professional wrestler, did have 2 "hit" songs, but it was "Yes!" that went to the top of the charts. Since then, none of his releases have topped #47. [lastfm]Julie Roberts[/lastfm]: The 'I'm not sure I want to but I'm gonna do it anyway' break-up tune "Break Down Here" was gold-certified in 2004, but her sophomore album "Men & Mascara" in 2006, provided no new hit singles. Full story and photo gallery on WSOC Chicago

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