The Internet was abuzz today because of a leaked collaboration between French house duo Daft Punk and rapper Jay Z, posted to a Kanye West fan site in defence that West produced the mysterious track. "Computerized", however, was not produced  by Yeezy, instead it's assumed that this was a demo recording meant to appear on the 2010 Tron soundtrack that Daft Punk produced. As you can probably tell by the song's title, "Computerized" is a warning to humanity that we are relying too much on technology, which is ironically being delivered by the robots in their signature computerized voices. Jay Z gets strangely sentimental with his rap verses in his feature on the unreleased song, spewing lines line "I can't even tell y'all whats real / I got an iTouch, but I can't feel". Naturally, like Daft Punk and Kanye West's hit together "Stronger", Jay Z and the robotic pair definitely sound good together. Who knows if one or the other will enlist each other's help on their next single?

Artists: Daft Punk, Jay-Z

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