The new djay app for the iPhone or iPod Touch puts you in control of your music.With two digital turntables at your disposal, you can beat-match, scratch and record your own mixes.  Hold the phone sideways to view the turntables side by side, or hold it vertical to zoom in on one deck. Djay boasts a "hyper-realistic low-latency touch-screen interface," and our friends at CNET found that it definitely feels more precise than similar DJ apps in the category. As an added bonus, your cover art will show up on each record, making it easy to to see what you're playing. As well as basic song selection and cross-fading controls, djay boasts the ability to sync track BPM and set cue points - crucial features for someone who is actually trying to mix.  You can also  use two fingers to scratch on your track! At the affordable price of $0.99, the djay app is one of the best DJing apps out there - a great choice for someone who wants to be able to DJ at all times or a novice who just wants to mess around.  djay's simple interface allows everyone to have fun. Read the full CNET Review

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