In anticipation of tomorrow's announcement of this year's GRAMMY award nominees, we've compiled some of our favorite live performances and interviews from last year's hottest nominees. Let us know in the comments section if you think any or all of these artists stand to receive recognition this year! Danger Mouse Last year's Producer of the Year went to [mp3com-artist]Danger Mouse[/mp3com-artist], a true champion of production that through his career has merged [mp3com-artist]Jay-Z[/mp3com-artist] with [mp3com-artist]the Beatles[/mp3com-artist], bebop with [mp3com-artist]Cee-Lo[/mp3com-artist], and [mp3com-artist]Jack White[/mp3com-artist] with [mp3com-artist]Ennio Morricone[/mp3com-artist]. Watch Sir Mouse discuss the latter project, Rome, with collaborator [mp3com-artist]Daniele Luppi[/mp3com-artist] for Street Date: [worldnow id=5854780 width=405 height=304 type=video] Read the full article on Street Date The Band Perry [mp3com-artist]The Band Perry[/mp3com-artist] were new to the country music scene last year, but that didn't stop their song "If I Die Young" to climb the charts and gain GRAMMY recognition. Watch them perform that song below at the Studios in New York below, then click through to the original post for performances of "Postcards from Paris," "Hip To My Heart," and an interview with all three members: [worldnow id=5120472 width=405 height=304 type=video] Watch the rest of the performance at Mumford & Sons [mp3com-artist]Mumford & Sons[/mp3com-artist] took the world by storm last year. They were nominated for Best New Artist and Best Rock Song, but ultimately left without a gramophone statue.Watch the Londoners perform the nominated "Little Lion Man" at the Studio below, then click through to watch three other performances and an exclusive interview with the folk revivalists. [worldnow id=5190624 width=405 height=304 type=video] Watch Mumford & Sons perform "Cave," "Awake My Soul," and more at La Roux Remember [mp3com-artist]La Roux[/mp3com-artist]? Singer Ely Jackson 80's indebted debut won the Best Electronica Album of 2010, but she has kept things quiet since then. Fingers crossed the follow-up is on its way; we can't wait. Watch her first stateside interview with below: [worldnow id=4353508 width=405 height=304 type=video] Read the full article here Florence + the Machine Lastly, we have a full concert from another equally talented singer from Britain, Miss [mp3com-artist]Florence + the Machine[/mp3com-artist]. She performed an intimate webcast concert live from the Ed Sullivan Theater as part of the Live On Letterman web series last year, and you can stream the entire concert on VEVO. Watch her perform "You've Got The Love Below": Click here for more on her webcast performance _____________________________________________ Read more about the GRAMMYs Connect with on Facebook See all Spotlight posts Watch The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live! on Wed., Nov. 30 at 10pm ET/9pm CT on CBS.

Artists: Danger Mouse, Florence & the Machine, La Roux, Mumford & Sons, The Band Perry

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