This week we’re shining The Spotlight on albums coming out this fall that we’re excited about. Today we look at Country acts like [mp3com-artist]Montgomery Gentry[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Scotty McCreery[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Vince Gill[/mp3com-artist]. [mp3com-artist]Montgomery Gentry[/mp3com-artist] - Rebels on the Run Back in 2000, on the strength of their debut album Tattoos and Scars  [mp3com-artist]Montgomery Gentry[/mp3com-artist] swiped the CMA award for Duo of the Year from country legends[mp3com-artist] Brooks and Dunn[/mp3com-artist] - no small feat considering [mp3com-artist]Brooks and Dunn[/mp3com-artist] had won the award for eight consecutive years. Since then, the duo of Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry have release five more studio albums and are on the verge of releasing their sixth this fall. Titled Rebels on the Run, the album brings more of the rowdy, rebellious Southern tunes that [mp3com-artist]Montgomery Gentry[/mp3com-artist] built their name on.  On their lead single "Where I Come From" they are defiantly proud of their small town America values and culture. In the face of an ever changing world they take pride in the traditions of their hometowns. Montgomery sings: If you ain’t ever took a ride around And cruised right through the heart of my town Anything you say would be a lie We may live our lives a little slower But that don’t mean I wouldn’t be proud to show ya’ Where I come from The dramatic music video pairs the song with footage of soldiers fighting in the Middle East, suggesting that the idea of "where I'm from" is representative of the freedoms our soldiers are fighting to protect. The song, with is hard hitting chorus and catchy guitars shows [mp3com-artist]Montgomery Gentry[/mp3com-artist] still passionate about traditional American ideals and still on top of their musical game. [mp3com-download url=" " artist="Montgomery Gentry" song="Where I Come From" expiration="06/30/2013" email="none" year="2011" label="Average Joes Entertainment Group"/] Click through to see the rest of our picks... [mp3com-artist]Scotty McCreery[/mp3com-artist] - Clear As Day Capitalizing on his big win at American Idol Season 10, young [mp3com-artist]Scotty McCreery[/mp3com-artist] is kicking his music career into gear with his debut album.  His American idol victory lap song, "I Love You This Big," has already made him successful on the country charts, hitting #32 - the highest ever position by a debut country single. The songs on Clear As Day play to the strengths that won him the Idol crown.  His rich baritone and small town charm make him an easily likable character, but he is a truly talented singer and at just 17 years old he seems to have a promising career in front of him. [mp3com-artist]Vince Gill[/mp3com-artist] - Guitar Slinger One of the true Country superstars to emerge in the 90's [mp3com-artist]Vince Gill[/mp3com-artist] has won more CMA awards than anyone in history and his 14 Grammys have him tied with Chet Atkins for most ever by a country artist. That's not to say that Gill had an easy road to the top, he struggled for a good part of the 80's and the early 90's before becoming the country star he is today. His new album Guitar Slinger is his first in five years, following in the massive footsteps of his 2006 four-disc magnum opus These Days. It's more of a traditional album with only 12 tracks (you can't always put out 43 track albums), and should offer [mp3com-artist]Vince Gill[/mp3com-artist] a nice chance to try a different approach than he did on These Days.  We're excited to see what he has in store. Click HERE to see the rest of our picks for the Fall Music Preview

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