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Jim James - My Morning Jacket

[pullquote quote="I want it to sound like we're Cuban or Cambodian kids in this crazy sing-along." credit="Jim James"] [lastfm]My Morning Jacket[/lastfm] heads back to its roots to cut sixth studio album Circuital. The band turned a local church's gymnasium into a make shift studio, an upgrade from the Kentucky grain silo where they recorded their first three albums. Set-up in a circle, one of the reasons for the album title, they recorded the basic tracks live to a 24-track tape. [youtube] Frontman Jim James set the scene: "I want it to sound like we're Cuban or Cambodian kids, and we're wearing berets and we're walking through an alley and we stumble upon this band, and it explodes into this crazy sing-along," as the group prepared to record "Holdin' on to Black Metal." Keyboardist Bo Koster admits with a laugh the rest of the band had no idea what James was talking about but launched into the song anyway. "We want people to have almost the exact opposite experience they had last time. I definitely had some goals of wanting to make this one warmer and somehow more contained and more concise of a statement," front man Jim James. Circuital is about 10 minutes shorter than previous albums. The title track however is the albums least concise statement being more than seven minutes long.
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