Looking for a great set of headphones to plug into your music player or into that home stereo? Let's check out a five-spot of quality kits to stick into or wrap around your ears. Once you've loaded your music player with all your favorite cuts -- including all those Free MP3s of the Day that we've been sending your way -- you're gonna want some quality phones to pipe your tunes into your cranium. Thanks to Justin Yu at our sister site, cNet, we have the 411 on a five set of phones that will fit you nicely at whatever your budget. At the high end, meaning somewhere north of 400 samoleans, there are the Shure SE535 Sound Isolation Headphones. As Justin says, "Shure has been churning out impressive-sounding in-ear headphones for consumers for more than 15 years, and any new models from the company have featured mainly evolutionary changes from their predecessors." What that means is the same quality [mp3com-artist]Bono[/mp3com-artist]'s hearing in his plug-ins on stage in Stockhom will be piped into your ears while you're in line at Starbucks. Provided, of course, you wanna pony up $400 for your pleasure. At the other end of the spectrum (around $40) there are the PortaPros from longtime phone builders Koss. There are some who would balk at the 80s style fold-up design but others -- the folks who are waiting for Members Only jackets to make a comeback -- won't mind the "retro" set-up. You won't get the same quality as you get with the Shure's but, as Justin notes, "for $50, we're hard-pressed to find another set that rivals their sound quality and quirky design." Looking for something in the middle of the market, pocketbook-wise? Check out the other three choices on Justin's list at cNet.com.

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