We may well be in the middle of another guitar/drums duo renaissance, and while some duos may find it difficult to escape the parameters, [mp3com-artist]Agent Ribbons[/mp3com-artist] have found a unique sound to distinguish themselves. The Austin via Sacramento coupling has carved out a far more melodic space than most two pieces, balancing both dynamic and dream-like qualities. Agent Ribbons’ third album will be out in early2013, and they’re delivering the Family Haircut EP on September 11th of this year. For those chomping at the bit for the new album and EP, we’ve got the single “Family Haircut” available for download for you right now. Eat it up. [mp3com-download url="agentribbons-familyhaircut.mp3" artist="Agent Ribbons" song="Family Haircut" email="none" year="2012" label="Antenna Farm Records"/]

Artists: Agents Ribbons

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