Chicago-based four piece, [mp3com-artist]Archie Powell & The Exports[/mp3com-artist] recently released their second album, Great Ideas in Action, and we've got the first track off the record available for you to download for free. Creating a hooky, upbeat, danceable rock and roll song about the repetitive drudgery of life isn't exactly easy, but Archie Powell & The Exports manage to pull it off with "Metronome." Life may be a bitch and "ticking away like beats from a metronome," but at least with this song, you'll have a fun soundtrack to the backbreaking grind, slowly wearing you down until you die, most likely alone. Yay! Download "Metronome" for free below. [mp3com-download url="archiepowellandtheexports-metronome.mp3" artist="Archie Powell & The Exports" song="Metronome" email="none" year="2012" label="Good Land Records"/] You can pick up the full album here, and keep up with Archie Powell & The Exports on their webpage and Facebook.

Artists: Archie Powell & The Exports

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