The best things in life aren’t over planned; they’re not scheduled and there is no agenda. They’re not even last minute decisions. They’re things that just happen or shoot off organically from other events as you walk through the open doors. That, more or less, in an overly sweeping statement, is the origin of [mp3com-artist]Broken Anchor[/mp3com-artist]. Singer-songwriter [mp3com-artist]Austin Hartley-Leonard[/mp3com-artist] is a young vet of the Los Angeles music scene—not the stereotypical image of LA as a pre-fab pop machine fueled by televised talent shows, but the actual, local music scene filled with countless gifted professional musicians who play the music they love. He’s been around the urine soaked block and back, playing hundreds of shows and has released some outstanding music under his own name. His latest project, Broken Anchor, is a new venture with producer and multi-instrumentalist Brad Gordon. If you’ve ever seen an outstanding show in Los Angeles (or elsewhere), you may or may not have noticed one guy over to the side of the stage, playing two instruments at once, keeping the whole thing on lock. Well, odds are that was Brad. He’s one of those guys. Austin headed into Brad’s Echo Park studio with the idea to record a couple of songs, but the songs kept coming. Nothing was overly prearranged, and they just built the songs to support the sound they felt as they created them. It’s the kind of sound that can’t be faked—sometimes things just line up right. The resulting songs are undeniably organic with an almost lo-fi 1960’s Southern California sound, which, now, ironically, sounds more like a lot of contemporary bands from the Pacific Northwest along the lines of [mp3com-artist]The Fruit Bats[/mp3com-artist] or [mp3com-artist]Fleet Foxes[/mp3com-artist]. Musically, they’re bright and sunny, but not in a lyrical, “Hey, everything’s awesome!” kind of way. Check out the video for “Leave the Light On” [youtube=] Download the fuzzed out rocker, “Never Leave Me Alone” for free below: [mp3com-download url="brokenanchor-neverleavemealone.mp3" artist="Broken Anchor" song="Never Leave Me Alone" email="none" year="2012" label="Broken Anchor Music"/] Broken Anchor’s project is being released in volumes with a “pay what you want” deal. You can download Volume One or Volume Two now, and Volume Three is on the way. Follow Broken Anchor on Facebook to keep up with more releases and show dates.

Artists: Broken Anchor

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