[mp3com-artist]Charlie Peacock[/mp3com-artist] is a guy you’ve heard a lot, even if you don’t know it. He’s the producer behind the [mp3com-artist]Civil Wars[/mp3com-artist] breakout hit album Barton Hollow. He’s played and worked with everyone from [mp3com-artist]the Fixx [/mp3com-artist]to [mp3com-artist]Al Green[/mp3com-artist], and [mp3com-artist]Red Hot Chili Peppers[/mp3com-artist] too. He even co-wrote [mp3com-artist]Amy Grant[/mp3com-artist]’s mega hit “Every Heartbeat.” Suffice it to say, that’s a pretty broad range of experience. This year, he’s already worked with [mp3com-artist]Ricky Skaggs[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Jackson Browne[/mp3com-artist], and [mp3com-artist]Alison Krauss[/mp3com-artist]—just to name a few. Now, Peacock is releasing another album of his own, No Man’s Land. Charlie pulled together some of the best musicians he knows and recorded the album in his home studio in Tennessee, which happens to be a converted 100 year-old church. We’ve got a great download for you from No Man’s Land. “Death Trap” is thoroughly layered with a wide cross section of classic American sounds. The swampy, opening guitar riff gives way to a marching snare, punctuated by sparse ukulele and filled out by a smoky fiddle, before the horns kick in and the song really hits its stride. The influences and genres combined here could fill a notebook, but that’s exactly what makes it Americana—there’s a little bit of everything all blended together. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVA5fFbAVEI] You can download “Death Trap” for free below: [mp3com-download url="charliepeacock-deathtrap.mp3" artist="Charlie Peacock" song="Death Trap" email="none" year="2012"/] No Man's Land will be released October 2, but you can pre-order it on vinyl, cd, or mp3.

Artists: Charlie Peacock

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