Around here, we’ve been playing the hell out of [mp3com-artist]Cory Branan[/mp3com-artist]’s latest album Mutt since it came out, and we’re all pretty thrilled to pass on part of it to you as a free download. Cory has long been known as a guy who can silence a raucous roadhouse with just the sparse picking of his acoustic guitar backing his house-whiskey-burnt lyrics. Branan has always been a man of many words, and on Mutt, he’s also a man of many sounds too. In “Bad Man,” we get the full rock and roll experience, as the guys in the band pay homage to their E Street influences. The keys and sax build a bridge that could easily be the escape route in “Born to Run.” In contrast, lyrically, Branan plays it more like a foil to Springsteen here. The Boss and Wendy may have been born to run, but the Bad Man ain’t going anywhere, and he ain’t trying to be any better.
“Let ‘em walk the well lit suburbs of their heart/ You ain’t afraid of no alleyway when you are the thing in the dark.”
Grab the song below, and you’ll see why we love Cory. His gritty, lyrical wordplay is second to none, and you’ll be quoting the songs in no time, but you should probably realize that when you say, “Slip off what you don’t want ripped off, baby/ it’s all in my way/ put my mouth over those stupid things you’re taught you ought to say,” it’s not going to sound as cool as it does when Branan sings it. In fact, you’ll probably sound more like Matthew McConaughey getting all statutory on some poor girl in Fast Times. [mp3com-download url="corybranan-badman.mp3" artist="Cory Branan" song="Bad Man" email="none" year="2012" label="Bloodshot Records"/] If you’re in the UK or Europe you can catch Cory on the Revival Tour with [mp3com-artist]Chuck Ragan[/mp3com-artist] this fall.

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