You may not know much about [mp3com-artist]Lucy Schwartz[/mp3com-artist] just yet, but once the new Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie soundtrack is released this week, her name will be much more familiar. She sings a duet on the album with [mp3com-artist]Aqualung[/mp3com-artist] entitled "Cold." A little more than a month after hearing that her song would be featured on the soundtrack, [mp3com-artist]Lucy Schwartz[/mp3com-artist] released her a new EP of her own, Keep Me. Busy times for this budding young talent. Her new film placement, "Cold," was co-written with [mp3com-artist]Aqualung[/mp3com-artist] and will be available on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack album when it drops on Tuesday, November 8. It's not the 21-year old's first experience with writing music for film, however. When she was just 18 years old and still in high school, she penned a pair of tunes used for the opening and closing segments of the Meg Ryan flick, The Women (and has placed more than a few songs since, including the duet "Darling I Do" on Shrek Forever After). Of the Keep Me EP, which released just last week, she comments: "It feels like an intimate short story that tells the tale of love found, love lost, and love unattained– and finding one’s self in the process." "My dad, (film and TV composer, creator of the Northern Exposure theme) David Schwartz, and I co-produced the record together," she says the new six-song collection. "We really wanted this record to speak emotionally, and to breathe; to feel less like a production and more of a raw performance." One of our favorites from the EP, "Porcelain," injects her familial knack for a great melody into a thoroughly contemporary sound. It's deep with funereal organ, shining with acoustic guitars and lightened with flourishes of banjo. And vocals. Did we mention the vocals? Wonderful layers of breathless, flickering vocals, worthy of categorizing Lucy with [mp3com-artist]Fleetwood Mac[/mp3com-artist] at their very best. A delightful tune from an organically grown and deeply passionate set of music. Download Lucy Shwartz's song "Porcelain" from her new EP, Keep Me, courtesy of

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