There are plenty of bands who want to lay claim to the mantle of the garage-rock gods, bands that turn out some form of [mp3com-artist]Velvet Undergound[/mp3com-artist]-meets-[mp3com-artist]Sonic Youth[/mp3com-artist] screech. Few are doing it well (including LouTallica himself), but there is hope: witness [mp3com-artist]Le Butcherettes[/mp3com-artist]. Le Butcherettes were created in 2008 by Theresa Suarez, the Denver-born, Sylvia Plath-inspired feminist daughter of stage acting Mom and an arts-loving Dad. With the death of her father, the now christened Teri Gender Bender and her partner, Auryn Jolene, decamped Le Butcherettes operations to Guadalajara, where they almost immediately became darlings of the Mexican underground. Plaudits like "best new artist" and "best punk record" were thrown about as Le Butcherettes built their reputation for feverishly playful music and devilishly outrageous stage shows. By 2009, the [mp3com-artist]Yeah Yeah Yeahs[/mp3com-artist] had tapped them for an opening gig, as did the [mp3com-artist]Dead Weather[/mp3com-artist]. With Jolene's abrupt departure, Gender Bender relocated to LA, enlisted the support of [mp3com-artist]the Locust[/mp3com-artist]'s Gabe Serbian on drums and [mp3com-artist]Broken Bells[/mp3com-artist]' bassist Jonathan Hischke to create the lext level of Butcherettes madness (and add to their list of rock royalty with whom they traveled.) Today's Free MP3 of the Day, the song "New York," is from their debut album released this past May entitled Sin Sin Sin. References to [mp3com-artist]Bikini Kill[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Karen-O[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Patti Smith[/mp3com-artist] are no coincidence: Le Butcherettes combine the lyrical power those three with a fierce rhythmic pulse that is for all the world commensurate with what the Dead Weather have been turning out. Produced by Omar Rodriquez-Lopez, Sin Sin Sin is available now on Sargent House.
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