In case you haven’t heard, the world is ending this Friday, December 21st. Fortunately, New York’s up and coming popstar [mp3com-artist]Grace Danger[/mp3com-artist] has the perfect song to take us all home, “Love Me Like It’s the End of the World.” 12/21/12 is the last day on the Mayan calendar, and if that isn’t startling enough, we recently realized our desk calendars all stop at December 31st this year as well, so things are looking pretty bleak. You can either fear the end, or you can blow it out with a bang. “Love Me Like It’s the End of the World,” votes for the latter. With a radio-ready hook, and the vocal chops to back it up, the appropriately named Grace Danger throws caution to the wind and bets it all on tonight. You can download the track for free through Friday below: [mp3com-download url="lovemelikeitstheendoftheworld-gracedanger.mp3" artist="Grace Danger" song="Love Me Like It's the End of the World" expiration="12/22/2012" email="none" year="2012"/] If for some reason the Mayan calendar is wrong and our desk calendars are right, and we’re still around on the 22nd, you can purchase the song on Amazon. Grace Danger has a full album on the way next year (if both calendars are somehow inaccurate). You can keep up with the news on that and other songs on Danger’s Facebook page.

Artists: Grace Danger

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