Somewhere along the line, rock and roll lost its soul. We’re not here to point fingers (quite frankly, we’ve only got so many hours in the day and so many fingers on our hands). Fortunately, [mp3com-artist]Grandfather Child[/mp3com-artist] is here to bring some of that much needed soul back to rock and roll. Grandfather Child have created a genre-blurring joyful noise on their debut LP. It’s basically an amalgamation of all the things that are (or were) right with American music. There are elements of blues, rock and roll, rockabilly, soul, funk, Gospel, and I’m pretty sure there’s a sitar in there on one song. Regardless of how you want to categorize or describe Grandfather Child’s music, the one undeniable thread running through the songs on their self-titled album is the soul and the heritage of music born in the church. Now don’t immediately freak out when you hear the word “church.” We’re not talking about uptight, starched, lily white sheep singing out of a fear of God. No, we’re talking about the origins of rock and roll and rhythm and blues-- the kind of joyous celebration that lifts your spirit and moves you to dance until you’ve got sweat pooling up in your good shoes and a endorphin induced grin on your face. Music that gives you that natural high we were all so skeptical of as teenagers. If you want to get the dancing in the aisles, pew stompers like “Gonna Have Ourselves a Vision” and “Ride That Train” or the bluesy “New Orleans” or the almost Prince-like grinder “Can’t Seem to Forget,” you’ll have to pick up the album August 28th.  (You can check out samples of all the songs on the pre-order page). You can download “Waiting For You” for free below. It’s a slow burner that erupts into a soulful rock and roll plea that helps blur that line between Saturday night and Sunday morning. [mp3com-download url="grandfatherchild-waitingforyou.m4a" artist="Grandfather Child" song="Waiting For You" email="none" year="2012" label="New West Records"/]

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