Let’s just come out and say it up front, woo hoo's are awesome in songs. Everyone loves woo hoo's. Woo hoo's are joyous, liberating, and really easy to learn as lyrics. Make that woo hoo into a woo hoo hoo, and you’re really cooking with hot coals (contrary to the cliché, cooking with gasoline is always a horrible, horrible mistake). Now, if you make those woo hoo hoo’s such a focal point of your song that you name the track “Woo Hoo Hoo,” well, you’ve just made a new friend right here. [mp3com-artist]Philistines[/mp3com-artist] have done all these things in the lead track off their upcoming album Therewolves! The track places some really jagged, dirty, and distorted guitar riffs up against the inherent joy that the woo hoo hoo’s bring. That juxtaposition makes “Woo Hoo Hoo” the perfect song for, well, really, just about any occasion. You could probably even plug this in at a funeral, and if no one tackled you, after the service at least three people would come up to you and say, “Hey man, thanks for those woo hoo's. I really needed that after what happened to Richard.” Download the track below: [mp3com-download url="philistines-woohoohoo.mp3" artist="Philistines" song="Woo Hoo Hoo" email="none" year="2012"/] This one comes with the mp3.com money back guarantee. (Yeah, it’s a free download, but that still has to mean something, right?) Philistines’ album Therewolves! comes out October 16th. Check back here for details.

Artists: Philistines

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