When you get ready to listen to a song called "Cruel Love", you probably wouldn't expect a smooth, even soothing, jangler with an almost c'est la vie attitude, but that's exactly what[mp3com-artist] Ryan Traster[/mp3com-artist] has created. Traster delivers a harmonious hook that's reminiscent of the good stuff from the 90's that wasn't commercial enough to pick up the "alternative" misnomer from mass media. If you've got an ear for this sort of thing, you won't be shocked at all to find out that Ryan's from Minneapolis, and there are certainly some influences from that scene's greats going on here. "Cruel Love" was recently released as a 7" with a cover of [mp3com-artist]Guided by Voices[/mp3com-artist]' "As We Go Up We Go Down" on the B-side, which may help you understand a bit where he's coming from. Download the song for free right here: [mp3com-download url="ryantraster-cruellove.mp3" artist="Ryan Traster" song="Cruel Love" email="none" year="2012" label="Dead Letter Records"/]

Artists: Ryan Traster

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