[mp3com-artist]Star & Micey[/mp3com-artist] have just released a pretty fantastic EP, I Can't Wait, and we've got a free download of an acoustic version of the title track for you. Be happy now. The Memphis trio's EP is about as eclectic as a four song collection can be. It's pensive, it's poppy, it's folky (admittedly, that's a horrible word in general), and it's straight up rock and roll that smacks you in the face. Speaking of which, check out the video for "I Can't Wait." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R26Wub7_mTQ As far as we're concerned, Star & Micey are 4 for 4 on this EP. If you need further proof, you can stream the whole thing on their site, and then you can pick it up here. Plus, we've got the stellar acoustic version of "I Can't Wait" for you right here: [mp3com-download url="starandmicey-icantwaitacoustic.mp3" artist="Star & Micey" song="I Can't Wait" email="none" year="2012" label="Ardent Music"/] See? Today is a good day.

Artists: Star & Micey

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