[mp3com-artist]The Stone Foxes[/mp3com-artist] new album Small Fires will be released in February 2013. If that seems like too long to wait, calm yourself-- we've got a free download of the lead track "Everybody Knows" for you right now. "Everybody Knows" is a dank and dirty rock and roll song that bubbled out of the swamps of... wait, San Francisco? Well yeah, The Stone Foxes are from San Francisco, but their sound is pulled from the early days of rock and roll in the deep South-- back before the baby boomers claimed to invent something that's been around forever in one form or another. It jumps, it swings, it cuts, it'll steal your girl, bust your nose, and still make you smile. This is the kind of stuff we get excited about around here. You can grab "Everybody Knows" here: [mp3com-download url="thestonefoxes-everybodyknows.mp3" artist="The Stone Foxes" song="Everybody Knows" email="none" year="2012"/] You can keep up with The Stone Foxes on their webpage and on Facebook.

Artists: The Stone Foxes

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