There's a vast array of speaker systems on the market these days designed to convert your personable listening experience into a communal one. The builders at Geneva Sound have released a snazzy little model called the XS, worthy of taking a look and a listen. According to reviewer Andrew Williams over at the UK audio site Trusted Reviews, the Geneva Sound XS is the smallest speaker system yet from the Brooklyn, New York company. Williams also notes that "like all of Geneva Sound's audio gear, it offers a delightful design without neglecting sound quality" due to the XS's three drivers. Along with wireless streaming -- a must have these days -- the unit also has a 3.5mm input for old-school analog types and, if you're really old-school, you can even listen to FM radio if you so desire. Equally important in this age of exquisite industrial design is style and, as our feature picture demonstrates, the XS has good looks to burn. The XS comes in three different finishes (including black and white) but we're partial to the red one. Williams thinks it's a little pricey at $249 but, if you have the scratch, it might be the one for you. Read Williams' full review or visit the company's website.

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