Our friend Donald Bell of CNET highlights some of the best gear of 2011 for mixing/chopping audio to your heart's content. Opinions matter. And we have a sneaking suspicion that, like me, many of you have strong ones when it comes to music gear; specifically digital DJ mixers. From the ruby-red Vestasx PMC-05 ProvIV which "brings USB MIDI integration to one of its top-shelf battle mixers" to the most expensive futuristic looking DJ system ever built (can you guess what mixer this might be?), flip through CNET's picks and let us know which device you would love to take home with you. View the gallery! [caption id="attachment_28556" align="alignnone" width="405" caption="Vestax PMC-05 ProIV (photo: Vestax/CNET)"]Vestax PMC-05 ProIV[/caption]

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