Revisiting an album like Nirvana's classic Nevermind (or any favorite album for that matter) is like spending time with an old pal again. Everything about it reminds you of why you liked it in the first place. In this week's spotlight, we asked Buzz Osbourne of the [mp3com-artist]Melvins[/mp3com-artist], whose sludgy sounds heavily influenced the music of [mp3com-artist]Nirvana[/mp3com-artist], to give us his of favorite songs from the legendary group. Check out his list, and then grab a free download of a Melvins song! From Buzz Osbourne: 1. "In Bloom" Probably my favorite off of Nevermind. I do wish Dave would have mixed up the drum fills instead of playing the same one over and over...." 2. "Smells like Teen Spirit" I like it because it's a combo of "More than a Feeling" by [mp3com-artist]Boston[/mp3com-artist] and "Godzilla" by [mp3com-artist]Blue Oyster Cult[/mp3com-artist]. Listen to it with that in mind and it will all come clear to you..." 3. "Milk It" Of course I like this song! Of course I like it because it's a total, TOTAL rip off of a song I wrote called "It's Shoved." It's on our Bullhead record which I think came out in '91... Listen to both back to back and then tell me if I'm crazy.. Well, I am crazy, but not because of THIS song. 4. "Rape Me"  When Nevermind sold about a billion copies, almost immediately you had about a billion bands all ripping of the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" riff for their own songs... "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was such a huge smash that even Nirvana jumped on the rip off band wagon and wrote this song... Which is a rip off of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"... I mean what the hell right? It worked the first time so why not? 5. "Negative Creep" I think I like this riff of theirs more than any other... And now for a little taste of the [mp3com-artist]Melvins[/mp3com-artist]. Download a free MP3 of "The Kicking Machine" from the band's 2008 album Nude With Boots. [mp3com-download url="" artist="The Melvins" song="The Kicking Machine" email="optional" year="2008" label="Ipecac"/] Come back tomorrow for more featured guest playlists and free MP3s! ____________________________________________________________________ Read more about the Melvins and see 2011 tour dates Visit and win the 20th Anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind New Kurt Cobain Memorial Nevermind 20th anniversary (and free Nirvana MP3s) Free Album: Nirvana Tribute, “Newermind” 20th Anniversary Edition of Nirvana "Nevermind" to Feature Butch Vig Mix Connect with on Facebook See all Spotlight posts

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