Indie-pop band [mp3com-artist]Boy + Kite[/mp3com-artist] cite musical influences like [mp3com-artist]The Pixies [/mp3com-artist]and [mp3com-artist]Nirvana[/mp3com-artist]. When we asked them to give us their top favorite Nirvana songs, they said "Rape Me and "Something In The Way." Find out what this sweet duo from Austin, Texas  said about the songs, plus a free MP3 from the band. First let us introduce Boy + Kite. Started by Beth Puorro & Darvin Jones, the band is now a full-fledged live foursome and recently released their debut album Go Fly. While the two consider themselves polar opposites with "Jones’s heart based in experimental sounds ([mp3com-artist]B. Fleischman[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Ms. John Soda[/mp3com-artist]) and Puorro’s leaning towards pop ([mp3com-artist]The Cure[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]The Pixies)[/mp3com-artist]", the two love the music of  Nirvana. In this week’s Spotlight we commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind by gathering playlists from bands heavily inspired by the legendary group. Check out the list, and then grab a free download of a Boy + Kite song below. 1.  "Or course you have to start with "About A Girl" off their first release because it shows Cobain's past influences and the song was very risky to put on the album." 2. "Second, "Rape Me", just because it rocks and was a double A side with "All Apologies" and was controversial due to the lyrics." 3. "Next, "Come As You Are" its a total classic, come on!" 4. "Dumb" - great lyrics, simple tune shows restraint and a softer side of the band." 5. "Something In The Way" - because it sums up the entire band, Cobain's persona, personal life, writing style and tragically cool songs." [mp3com-download url="" artist="Boy + Kite " song="Deciphering Static" email="optional" year="2011" label="S/R"/] _________________________________________________ Read more about Boy+ Kite here Visit and win the 20th Anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind New Kurt Cobain Memorial Nevermind 20th anniversary (and free Nirvana MP3s) Free Album: Nirvana Tribute, “Newermind” 20th Anniversary Edition of Nirvana "Nevermind" to Feature Butch Vig Mix Connect with on Facebook See all Spotlight posts

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