Situated on the Gulf coast in Alabama, the Hangout Music Festival offers an amazing combination of a music festival and beach vacation. The festival takes place May 18-20 with performances from headliners like [mp3com-artist]The Red Hot Chili Peppers[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Dave Matthews Band[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Jack White[/mp3com-artist]. Now in its third year of existence, the Hangout Music Festival has established itself as one of the most laid-back, feel good festivals around. [mp3com-download url="gogolbordello-transhustle.mp3" artist="Gogol Bordello" song="Trans-Continental Hustle" expiration="4/21/2012" email="none"/] The Hangout Music Festival brings together a wide range of music for their three days of fun in the sun. From the all out rock assault of their headliners, to the electronic beats of[mp3com-artist]Skrillex[/mp3com-artist], to classic artists like [mp3com-artist]Steve Winwood[/mp3com-artist], the concerts will cover a lot of ground. Today we are profiling a band that is sure to be one of the most exciting performances of the weekend - eastern European gypsy punk rockers [mp3com-artist]Gogol Bordello[/mp3com-artist]. Combining elements of punk, gypsy music, and Brecht-ian cabaret, [mp3com-artist]Gogol Bordello[/mp3com-artist] tells the story of an immigrants life in New York, using debauchery, humor, and surreal costumes. Growing up in Ukraine, bandleader and singer Eugene Hütz's developed a taste  for Western rock music through tapes he bought on the black market. After being evacuated to Western Ukraine in 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster, Hütz became enamored with the mystical, outsider qualities of gypsy music. Today, he and his band celebrate their heritage and the rich mix of cultures that exists in today's international global culture. Check out the full Lineup for the Hangout Music Festival here

Artists: Gogol Bordello

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