We're not opposed to learning a thing or two now and then: you know, stuff like quantum physics, theories about the after-life and explanations about what makes chocolate chip cookies so darn tasty. So, next to our iTunes music (where we organize our Free MP3s) we're going to get smarter with iTunes U. Long ignored as an extra button you never pushed within iTunes, iTunes U is now its own app. According to review Scott Stein (from our sister site, cNet.com), there are a handful of cool things about iTunes U that'll make you want to get smart: courses are bundled into binders for easy access, you can add notes to courses and, for the most part, content is free (at least for the moment). So, when you're done banging your head to freebies from [mp3com-artist]Amoral[/mp3com-artist] and shaking your arse to the sounds of [mp3com-artist]Greg Hester[/mp3com-artist], you might want to get "edge-a-makated" with iTunes U. Curious to learn more about learning? Read more of Scott's review at cNet.