Rejoice, Animals — Ke$ha is celebrating being released from rehab, and she's a whole new woman. At least, when it comes to her online persona. The "Die Young" hit-maker entered rehab over a month ago citing troubles with an eating disorder, and now that she's left the facility, she's changed her Twitter handle from @keshasuxx to @KeshaRose. We're all for it, because it promotes a healthier viewpoint towards herself, and she deserves it! Another change to her Internet moniker was the dropping of her signature dollar sign in her name. On Twitter, the pop star is simply going by "kesha" under her name section, which could be the result of another viewpoint she adapted in rehab. Her old life goes hand-in-hand with the dollar sign, so maybe she will forever go by her regular name. We just have to wait and see. Also on Twitter, the singer/songwriter revealed that she's "working on tons of new music", which is exciting news for the fans of the Warrior star.

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