With a sophomore album on the way (that's yet to be titled,) Kendrick Lamar sent out the record's first single, "i," to positive reviews across the board. Well, maybe a couple listeners were taken aback: the song samples The Isley Brothers' funky guitar in "That Lady," which gives the track a surprisingly uplifting mood. Debuted on Soundcloud on September 23rd, "i" is just a taste of what's to come from Lamar's second record. Arriving by the end of the year, if the young MC's music is as positive as the first single, his album's definitely going against the current grain of hip-hop which appears to be trap-based musings about the typical subjects of substances and girls. The song's chorus I love myself / He said I gotta get up, life is more than suicide / I love myself / One day at the time, sun gon' shine is quite a lovely one, promoting the idea of confidence and looking on the bright side. Purchase the song "i" off iTunes or listen to it off Spotify as well.

Artists: Kendrick Lamar

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