Based mainly between New York and London, Cascine has gone onto release some of the most interesting experimental music is recent times. Declaring a love for cosy electronic sounds, experimental pop and especially all things Scandi! Cascine came into inception when Sandra Croft met Jeff Bratton in early 2011. In addition to Jeff and Sandra, Cascine also includes Jason Romanelli, Jason Kapiskosky and Lucy Bridger. All share the management, press, art directions and production duties of running the label. There is a lot of emphasis on ‘family’ at Cascine. They work very closely with all their bands in every area of the presentation of their music. They cite the relationships formed from this have turned out to become one of the most fulfilling things about Cascine. [mp3com-artist]RxGibbs[/mp3com-artist] - Futures First up on Cascine’s 2012 release schedule was Michigan based producer RxGibbs.  The title track from that six-song release is blend of lush electronics and minimal shoegaze, which in turn provoke yearnings for the summer. Click HERE for a free download of “Futures” [mp3com-artist]Jensen Sportag[/mp3com-artist] - Everything Good With a name apparently taken from a Danish tennis player, this Nashville, Tennessee based duo play a concoction of sleek R&B and woozy electro pop.  Pure Wet was released in Feb 2011 and their new album is expected summer 2012. Click HERE for a free download of “Everything Good” [mp3com-artist]World Tour[/mp3com-artist] – Sparks World Tour is Felix, Tobias and Merike. Breaking out of Northern Sweden, the trio make beautiful, textured dreamy pop. ‘Sparks’ became Cascine’s spiritual starting point for 2011. Little is still known about the trio but their debut EP ‘Believe’ will be released March 2012. Click HERE for a free download of “Sparks” Click HERE for more Label of the Week features and click HERE for more info about Cascine on

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