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Today we have an special Label of the Week for you. In celebration of March Is Metal Month, EMI Label Services/ Caroline Distribution have hooked us up with a massive amount of music from 18 metal bands on their roster! 

Today we have an special Label of the Week for you. In celebration of March Is Metal Month, EMI Label Services/ Caroline Distribution have hooked us up with a massive amount of music from 18 metal bands on their roster! 

Starting out in the 1970’s as a subsidiary of Virgin Records, Caroline Distribution specialized in releasing music by underground jazz and prog-rock artists – musicians who made up for what they may have lacked in mainstream appeal with great creativity. Notable artists signed to Caroline include [mp3com-artist]Brian Eno[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Bad Brains[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Ben Folds Five[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Tangerine Dream[/mp3com-artist], and [mp3com-artist]White Zombie[/mp3com-artist].

Today Caroline Distribution is home to a wide range of artists, including some of the most exciting metal bands from all over the world! Check out these free MP3’s and celebrate Metal Month!

Adrenaline Mob

[mp3com-artist]Adrenaline Mob[/mp3com-artist] are tough and tight-knit, and they’re not taking any prisoners. Bringing together acclaimed Symphony X singer Russell Allen, former Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold drum virtuoso Mike Portnoy, and Sonic Stomp shred extraordinaire Mike Orlando, Adrenaline Mob is a musical mafia of the highest order.

[mp3com-download url=”adrenalinemob.mp3″ artist=”Adrenaline Mob” song=”Undaunted” expiration=”04/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Elm City Music, LLC”/]

Lacuna Coil

Moving and powerful, mysterious and serpentine – the music of [mp3com-artist]Lacuna Coil[/mp3com-artist] has always been somewhat of a mystery to nail down. Too brawny to be gothic, too melodic to be purely metal – the band has carved a path all its own with their unique sound and undeniable songwriting prowess. With the appropriately-titled Dark Adrenaline, the Italian sextet’s sixth full length release, they once again deliver a dozen songs that are tinged with sadness, honed in anger and wielded with a deft touch and a brawny punch.

[mp3com-download url=”lacunacoil.mp3″ artist=”Lacuna Coil” song=”Kill the Light” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Century Media Records Ltd”/]

Five Finger Death Punch

[mp3com-artist]Five Finger Death Punch[/mp3com-artist] was formed in 2005 by guitarist Zoltan Bathory (formerly of [mp3com-artist]U.P.O.[/mp3com-artist]), who came up with the band’s name after being amused by a scene involving a five finger punch in Kill Bill 2. Other members recruited to the band include former [mp3com-artist]Motograter & Ghost Machine[/mp3com-artist] vocalist Ivan Moody, former [mp3com-artist]W.A.S.P.[/mp3com-artist] members guitarist Darrell Roberts and drummer Jeremy Spencer, and former [mp3com-artist]Anubis Rising[/mp3com-artist]/[mp3com-artist]Deadsett[/mp3com-artist] bassist Matt Snell.

[mp3com-download url=”fivefingerdeath.mp3″ artist=”Five Finger Death Punch” song=”The Tragic Truth” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Prospect Park”/]


Formed in the college town of Umeå in northern Sweden in 1987, [mp3com-artist]MESHUGGAH[/mp3com-artist] have spent the last twenty years and cumulative thirteen releases developing, exploring, and redefining their complex, inimitable approach on the art of expressing their collective Id. An entity that has not sounded like anyone else in over thirteen years, [mp3com-artist]MESHUGGAH[/mp3com-artist] are one of the few purely and honestly lateral-thinking forces genuinely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of extreme music simply because doing so comes naturally to them.

[mp3com-download url=”meshugga.mp3″ artist=”Meshuggah” song=”Do Not Look Down” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Nuclear Blast GmbH / Warner Chapell Publishing”/]

In Flames

[mp3com-artist]In Flames[/mp3com-artist] was formed by Jesper Strömblad back in 1990. The band as it was at the time consisted of Jesper, Johan Larsson and Glenn Ljungström. A demo was recorded and soon after the band got a record deal and released “Lunar Strain” and it did not take long before the album was a classic in the fast growing Scandinavian death metal scene.

[mp3com-download url=”inflames.mp3″ artist=”In Flames” song=”Where the Dead Ships Dwell” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Century Media Records Ltd.”/]

Corrosion of Conformity

Founded by three teenagers in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1982, [mp3com-artist]Corrosion of Conformity[/mp3com-artist] began as an underground band and went on to transform heavy music, challenging boundaries and serving as what Decibel Magazine called “a crucial stylistic lynchpin in the bridge between metal and punk” that “irrevocably reshaped crossover’s sonic possibilities.”

[mp3com-download url=”corrosion.mp3″ artist=”Corrosion of Conformity” song=”Moneychangers” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Abstract Sounds Ltd & Tanglade Ltd”/]

Iced Earth

Formed in 1984 by Jon Schaffer, a street-tough kid with both the drive and talent to create a band to make his heroes [mp3com-artist]Judas Priest[/mp3com-artist],[mp3com-artist]KISS[/mp3com-artist], and [mp3com-artist]Iron Maiden[/mp3com-artist] proud, [mp3com-artist]ICED EARTH[/mp3com-artist] released its riff-heavy self-titled debut album in 1990 – and never looked back. Their sound centers around Schaffer’s trademark rhythm guitar style and powerful, in-your-face lyrics that often combine themes of self reliance, a healthy distrust of authority, history, and science fiction.

[mp3com-download url=”icedearth.mp3″ artist=”Iced Earth” song=”Anthem” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Century Media Records Ltd.”/]

3 Inches Of Blood

Raised in hell, forged by fire, and harder than Krupp Steel, [mp3com-artist]3 INCHES OF BLOOD[/mp3com-artist] are about to triumphantly return as one of the biggest defenders of traditional heavy metal with their stunning new album, Here Waits Thy Doom! The new opus was tracked in Seattle’s Sound House Recordings with renowned producer Jack Endino (Soundgarden, High on Fire, Zeke) and is an ode to all things heavy.

[mp3com-download url=”threeinchesofwood.mp3″ artist=”3 Inches of Blood” song=”Leather Lord” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Century Media Records Ltd”/]

Woods Of Ypres

[mp3com-artist]Woods of Ypres[/mp3com-artist] was a Melodic Black/Doom Metal band from Ontario, Canada, formed in 2002 by David Gold, Aaron Palmer and Brian McManus. They released five albums, each somewhat differing in style, before the death of founding member David Gold.  As defined on their website, [mp3com-artist]Woods of Ypres[/mp3com-artist] are “atmospheric doom-laden Great-White-North flavored black metal.”

[mp3com-download url=”woodsofypres.mp3″ artist=”Woods of Ypres” song=”Lightning & Snow” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Earache Records Inc”/]


The Dutch female fronted symphonic metal band [mp3com-artist]EPICA[/mp3com-artist] was founded in 2002. Mark Jansen had left [mp3com-artist]After Forever[/mp3com-artist] to pursue his own dreams and found that guitar player Ad Sluijter, bass player Yves Huts and keyboard and piano player Coen Janssen shared his vision. Drummer Jeroen Simons and singer Simone Simons completed the band. The band name is derived from an album of [mp3com-artist]Kamelot[/mp3com-artist], of whom several band members are big fans. Musically, [mp3com-artist]EPICA[/mp3com-artist] stands out by taking influences not only from the world of rock and (symphonic) metal, but also from film music as composed by the likes of Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer.

[mp3com-download url=”″ artist=”Epica” song=”Storm the Sorrow” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Nuclear Blast GmbH / Prophecies Publishing”/]

Savage Messiah

[mp3com-artist]Savage Messiah[/mp3com-artist] was formed in 2007 in London, England. The band consists of lead guitarist/singer Dave Silver, lead guitarist Joff Bailey, bassist Stefano Selvatico and drummer Mauricio Chamucero. After many ups and downs, the band is now finally on course to take their place at the top with a blistering and diverse new album which will be released in early 2012 on Earache Records.

[mp3com-download url=”savagemessiah.mp3″ artist=”Savage Messiah” song=”Plague of Conscience” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Earache Records Inc”/]

Rise To Remain

[mp3com-artist]Rise To Remain[/mp3com-artist] have raised their voices to the sky and have become one of the most exciting young U.K. metal bands of recent times. Brought together by a mutual desire to create exciting, state-of-the-art heavy music worthy of their passion, these fiery-eyed contenders have outgrown their humble origins as bright-eyed teenagers with dreams of fame and fortune and evolved into one of the most formidable new bands to explode out of the U.K. in many years.

[mp3com-download url=”risetoremain.mp3″ artist=”Rise to Remain” song=”The Serpent” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Century Media Records Ltd”/]


[mp3com-artist]Vildhjarta[/mp3com-artist] was formed by Daniel Bergström, Jimmie Åkerström and Johan Nyberg in 2005 inHudiksvall, Sweden. Hyped since their early days thanks to short demos that circulated the web, they have taken more than half a decade to musically craft their style of music. With the three spread throughout Sweden, Bergström, the main songwriter of the bunch, would email ideas to the others to get their feedback and suggestions. A groovy, down-tuned riff would soon become a verse. After a few more rounds of emailing, that verse would become a song. As more and more songs started to develop, the natural progression was to add more members and become a band. More members brought more input and ideas and soon their own take on metal was created.

[mp3com-download url=”vildjarta.mp3″ artist=”Vidhjarta” song=”Dageer” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Century Media Records Ltd.”/]


[mp3com-download url=”sophicide.mp3″ artist=”Sophicide” song=”The Art of Atrocity” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Willowtip”/]


[mp3com-artist]Terrorizer[/mp3com-artist] is an American grindcore and death metal band formed in 1986 in Los Angeles,California. After disbanding, its members gained recognition by playing in influential extreme metalbands, such as Morbid Angel (David Vincent, Pete Sandoval), Napalm Death (Jesse Pintado) and Nausea (Oscar Garcia, Alfred “Garvey” Estrada). To date, [mp3com-artist]Terrorizer[/mp3com-artist] has released two studio albums, and broken up twice (in 1989 and 2006). They reunited again in 2009, this time without Pintado, who had died three years earlier.

[mp3com-download url=”terrorizer.mp3″ artist=”Terrorizer” song=”Subterfuge” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Season of Mist”/]

The Devastated

Featuring past members of Impending Doom and Oblige, [mp3com-artist]THE DEVASTATED[/mp3com-artist] have been hard at work crafting their first eardrum assault! The band is currently wrapping up tracking with young producer Chris Eck, and mixing later this month with Daniel Castleman at Lambesis Studios in San Diego, CA. Now, Century Media is excited to announce that [mp3com-artist]THE DEVASTATED[/mp3com-artist] has inked a worldwide deal with the label and is gearing up to release this dirty, destructive record this summer.

[mp3com-download url=”thedevastated.mp3″ artist=”The Devastated” song=”Devil’s Messenger” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Century Media Records Ltd.”/]


Over the last decade [mp3com-artist]Insomnium[/mp3com-artist] has slowly but surely made itself a household name among the melodic deathsters. Formed in 1997 in a somnolent town of Joensuu, in eastern Finland, these stern men have ever since redefined the boundaries of the genre. Two highly acclaimed demos already set the standard and in 2001 the band signed to UK label Candlelight Records.

[mp3com-download url=”insomnium.mp3″ artist=”Insomnium” song=”Through the Shadow” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Century Media Records Ltd”/]

Lord Mantis

[mp3com-artist]Lord Mantis[/mp3com-artist] emit spells of hellish frequencies from a center of hatred in themselves both honest in integrity and justified by pursuit. The group first began as a two-part sludge attack consisting of only Bill Bumgardner (also in[mp3com-artist]Indian[/mp3com-artist]) on drums and Greg Gomer at guitars which later evolved into a more defined sound with the addition of Charlie Fell (also in [mp3com-artist]Nachtmystium[/mp3com-artist],[mp3com-artist]Avichi[/mp3com-artist]) on bass and vocals.

[mp3com-download url=”lordmantis.mp3″ artist=”Lord mantis” song=”Peverter of the Will” expiration=”4/2/2012″ email=”none” label=”Abstract Sounds Ltd & Tanglade Ltd.”/]

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