Originating in 2004 Not Not Fun began when partners Britt and Amanda Brown decided it would be fun to produce mix tape cassettes featuring music they had produced together along with that of their friends. Based in Eagle Rock, California the duo have stocked well over 200 releases. Without owning to one genre NNF is applauded for seeking the product of hardworking, soulful, creatively talented people. Both Britt and Amanda agree they have different tastes in music, so finding artists that overlap and they collectively have passion for is vital. [mp3com-artist]Holy Balm[/mp3com-artist] - Take It Holy Balm are an experimental three-piece who have had a bold evolution into an upbeat and daring live band. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, 'Take It' can be found on the groups forthcoming debut album titled 'It's You' Click HERE for a free download of “Take It” [mp3com-artist]Maria Minerva[/mp3com-artist] - These Days Maria Juur, alias Maria Minerva, is a psychedelic, avant-pop and lo-fi music producer and artist from Tallinn, Estonia, currently based in London, United Kingdom. 'These Days' is the opening track from 'Cabaret Cixous', released via NNF last year. Click HERE for a free download of “These Days” [mp3com-artist]Sapphire Slows[/mp3com-artist] – Green Flesh Mob Tokyo-based bedroom producer, Sapphire Slows began making music early 2011. Recorded simply with one lap top and some keyboards. 'Green Flesh Mob' can be found on her debut EP 'True Breath' out now. Click HERE for a free download of “Green Flesh Mob” [mp3com-artist]White Poppy[/mp3com-artist] – In The Window White Poppy is the experimental solo project of Vancouver based musician Crystal Dorval. 'In The Window' can be found on her debut release titled 'I Had A Dream'. Click HERE for a free download of “In The Window” Click HERE for more Label of the Week features.

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