Even though Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly's scandalous single "Do What U Want" dropped late last year on the charts, the song never came paired with a music video. Headlines claimed that controversial photographer and director Terry Richardson was behind the clip, and there were definitely plans to release it during the track's time on the charts, but it never came. Now, TMZ has apparently found the unreleased music video, and leaked a 30-second clip of it. Because of the many allegations of sexual harassment by Richardson to his models, it is rumored that's why Gaga pulled the plug on sending out the "Do What U Want" clip. There's also the fact that R. Kelly has been under fire about his troubled past with being accused of having sex with minors and possession of child pornography. Therefore, being featured on a song that screams "Do what you want, what you want with my body" in the chorus does nothing for his reputation. The video itself is pretty crass. The fact that Gaga is naked in it, with Richardson and Kelly ogling her, is enough of a reason to never release it officially.

Artists: Lady Gaga, R. Kelly

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