Lady Gaga's upcoming record ARTPOP isn't officially hitting the shelves until Tuesday, November 11th, but iTunes Radio is streaming the entire thing a week early to the delight of Little Monsters everywhere. It could be Gaga's most ambitious album ever, with her musical influences ranging from hip-hop to heavy electronica to woozy R&B. So far, fans have already gotten a chance to hear the lead single "Applause," a song about living to entertain, as well as "Aura", a heavy-hitting anthem used in the Machete Kills soundtrack. The world has also heard "Do What U Want", featuring R. Kelly, as well as the bouncy 80s-pop "Venus", and the recently-debuted track at the YouTube Music Awards, "Dope". Fresh to the ears of listeners are the songs "Swine", which had been previewed a few times online, as well as Gaga's ode to drugs, "Mary Jane Holland", and the provocative piece "G.U.Y.". There are a lot of hard, loud pop songs on Lady Gaga's new album, and it may be overwhelming at first stream, but listeners are assuming that the cacophony of tracks off ARTPOP will grow on them.

Artists: Lady Gaga, R. Kelly

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