UK songstress Lily Allen has been taking a break from the spotlight for the past two years, starting a family with husband Sam Cooper and keeping low-profile on her recording plans. She hinted at a few instances that she had new music on her Twitter account, and then out of nowhere, she dropped the music video for her new single "Hard Out Here". Playing off the Three Six Mafia anthem "Hard Out Here For A Pimp", the music video starts off with Allen on an operating tray getting liposuction, instructed to do so by her boorish manager, and then goes on to protest in her lyrics that she's not going to be that typical kind of pop star. States Allen in one of the song's verses, "I won't be bragging 'bout my cars / Or talking 'bout my chains / Don't need to shake my arse for you / 'Cause I've got a brain." It's not an uncommon thing for pop stars to call out the double standards of the music industry — see Pink's "Stupid Girls" or even Lorde's "Royals" — but the way that Allen does it is tongue-in-cheek and entertaining. The release date to her upcoming third studio album hasn't been released yet, but fans are certain they can expect more pop commentary from the singer/songwriter.

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