So you didn't get that new Ferrari you put on your Christmas list last month? Fear not, the legendary car-maker is teaming with Logic3 to build a line of iDocks and headphones that reportedly sound as good as their cars roll. From the UK audio boffins at Trusted Reviews we learn the Logic3/Ferarri partnership comes in two flavors, Scuderia and Cavallino. The Scuderia, says reviewer Andrews Williams, "feature plenty of red trim bits, the yellow Ferrari logo and an altogether loud look that shouts "I own a Ferrari, or at least desperately want one." The Cavallino collection is a "bit more tasteful," he adds, noting that "Ferrari red is traded-in for silver, black and light brown, the mission statement to evoke Ferrari-ness by using high-quality materials from desirable cars, in place of the proverbial revving of the engine at the traffic lights that the Scuderia bunch indulges in." At the top of the iDock line is the Cavallino GT1, an "expensive beast" that checks in for around $750 while the Scuderia FS1 rings the cash register for a few hundred dollars less. In the headphone zone, Williams points to the Dre and Marley branded phones as the category leaders where the Logic3 kits are aimed. Both lines have their offerings, the Cavallino again being the more understated of the set. Prices run from about $150 to $450. Williams says the products are forthcoming, scheduled for April release. Dig the scene at the Logic3 website and read more of Williams review at Trusted Reviews.

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