The Logitech S715i is one of the best buys out there in the world of iPod speakers.  Delivering serious sound with no frills, it's price point at $149 is tough to beat. The S715i's 8 speakers deliver audio performance that is far beyond its price range. It's secret weapon are two passive radiator woofers in the back, which give the S715i it's deep, full sound. It's on the larger end of portable iPod speakers, but still fits easily into a backpack or messenger bag. It has rubber feet and the iPod dock guard flips over the back to turn into a kickstand, giving the speakers a steady balance. What's really interesting is that only four of the S715i's speakers - the pair of 3-inch speakers that are off to the sides, and half-inch tweeters positioned above them - are directly powered. The pair of 2-inch drivers located near the middle, as well as the rear-firing woofers, are passive radiators that generate sound from the displaced air created by the powered drivers. In plain English, it's an energy efficient way to give you a lot of bang for your buck (and also your watt) from this relatively small system. The S715i comes with a lithium rechargeable that provides around eight hours of performance per charge. The CNET reviews liked the Logitech S715i so much that they gave it their Editor's Choice award.  Head over there to see a hands on video review.

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