Just in time for the warm weather, McDonald's is bringing you a series of refreshing Smoothies made with real fruit and yogurt.  To help celebrate the launch of the new drinks, MP3.com has put together some our favorite summer tunes that make us think of enjoying a cool smoothie on a sunny day. Today's flavor is Mango Pineapple, a exotic blast of fresh fruit flavor chock full of vitamins A and C. This playlist is dedicated to that  exciting feeling of mixing it up with your friends at a party on a warm summer night. Like the bright and bold flavors of the Mango Pineapple Smoothie, this Playlist will get you up on your feet and moving to the beat. [mp3com-artist]Star Slinger[/mp3com-artist] lays down a serious groove with his lush soul samples on "Longtime." Set to a funky rhythm, this song is a soundtrack for good times. [mp3com-download url="star2.mp3" artist="Star Slinger" song="Longtime" email="none"/] When you're looking to get people out on the dancefloor, French house producer [mp3com-artist]Lifelike[/mp3com-artist] is always a good choice. His remix of [mp3com-artist]Treasure Fingers[/mp3com-artist]' classic "Cross the Dance Floor" is sure to get bodies moving. [mp3com-download url="treasure2.mp3" artist="Treasure Fingers" song="Cross The Dancefloor (Lifelike Remix)" email="none"/] Norweigian electro-pop group [mp3com-artist]Casiokids[/mp3com-artist] bring a dose of raw energy with "Fot i Hose" one of the standout tracks from their debut album. You don't need to speak Norwegian to understand the sentiment that this track conveys. [mp3com-download url="casio2.mp3" artist="Casiokids" song="Fot i hose" email="none"/] London producer [mp3com-artist] Fear of Tigers[/mp3com-artist] sets an awesome house diva vocal to massive trance instrumentals. The result is an irresistible, high energy dance track. [mp3com-download url="fearoftigers2.mp3" artist="Fear of Tigers" song="I Can Make The Pain Disappear" email="none"/] A steamy baile funk track from Bazil's [mp3com-artist]Deise Tigrona[/mp3com-artist], "Toca e Agita" (which means Touch and Move) sets Tigrona's insistent vocals to booty-shaking South American rhythms. [mp3com-download url="deise2.mp3" artist="Deise Tigrona" song="Toca e Agita" email="none"/] French house legend [mp3com-artist]Fred Falke[/mp3com-artist] lends his magic touch to British pop starlet [mp3com-artist]Florrie[/mp3com-artist]'s track "Call 911." The end product is everything we've come to expect from a Falke remix - lush synths, a foot-tapping beat and climactic breaks. [mp3com-download url="florrie2.mp3" artist="Florrie" song="Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)" email="none"/] Another Brazilian musician, [mp3com-artist]Druma Kina[/mp3com-artist] mixes classic funk grooves with disco melodies. Take a listen and imagine yourself at a club in her native city Sao Paolo. [mp3com-download url="druma2.mp3" artist="Druma Kina" song="Cactus Party" email="none"/] "Lisi Lake" is a gorgeous track from Tblisi (capitol city of the country of Georgia) based electronic duo [mp3com-artist]Okinawa Lifestyle[/mp3com-artist]. Their sound is inspired by the tranquil and modern vibe of the Japanese city Okinawa. [mp3com-download url="okinawa2.mp3" artist="Okinawa Lifestyle" song="Lisi Lake" email="none"/] U.K. producer [mp3com-artist]Louis La Roche[/mp3com-artist] wraps things up with his feel good house track "Love." A versatile song, "Love" is equally suitable for a party atmosphere or just hanging out with friends after a fun evening. [mp3com-download url="louislaroche3.mp3" artist="Louis La Roche" song="Love" email="none"/]  

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