For fans of [mp3com-artist]Motopony[/mp3com-artist], the Seattle-based band that evolved into its current form a few years ago, the quartet's debut album has been too long coming. Finally, their first self-named collection is on the shelves; thanks to their generosity, we have a gorgous new single, "King Of Diamonds," to share with you for free. Motopony was born quietly one evening as clothing designer and party maker Daniel Blue picked up a 10-year old guitar and suddenly felt a song pour through him into the air. As he contemplated the five year anniversary of his mother's death, Blue began writing songs that brought the ebb and flow of his grief into a wavering perspective. Sharing his talent with a group of talented musicians came naturally for Blue as he teamed with guitarist Brantly Cady, drummer Forrest Mauvais and, finally a few years ago, fellow songwriter and co-producer Buddy Ross. “A lot of people run from machines into nature, and a lot of people run from nature into machines. Somewhere in there, there has to be a balance,” Blue says of Motopony music, something they like to call "hard-soul/glitch-folk." We don't have a whole lot of interest in categorizing their dynamic, organic, beautifully wrought sound, a combination of subtle electronics, Keltner-quality percussion playing and brilliant melodic and harmonic sensibility. We just know we can't stop playing "King Of Diamonds." [mp3com-download url="" artist="Motopony" song="King Of Diamonds " expiration="10/14/2011" email="optional" year="2011" label="Motopony/tinyOGRE, LLC"/]

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