When it comes to producing great sound, few speaker companies have had as long and as successful a history as JBL. With their high end On Air Wireless desktop speaker system, they combine interesting design and solid technology to make a great sounding and cool looking setup. "The JBL On Air Wireless is a $350 Internet-connected FM radio alarm clock that features Apple AirPlay functionality," according to product reviewer Jeff Bakalar at our sister site, cNet.com. Though he has some qualms about the $300+ price tag (and wishes it were a bit more mobile), Jeff points to the On Air Wireless' Apple AirPlay functionality as one of its prime strengths. He also likes the way it sounds, as one would hope to hear about a product from JBL, the venerable speaker maker with 60+ years in the business. Interested to know more about the On Air Wireless. Visit Jeff's review to get the full-on 411.

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