Long before the iPhone, the iPod was the device that helped transform Apple from computer company into a consumer electronics company. But today, the ubiquitous music player has become less relevant to the company that essentially owns that product category. Apple still sells three-fourths of all MP3 players sold, but multifunction gadgets like the iPhone and iPad are getting the most attention from Apple customers, not to mention the rest of the electronics industry, and bringing in more revenue than iPods these days. So when Apple convenes a special event in San Francisco to discuss music this Wednesday--as it has every September for the last five years--we think that Steve Jobs and Co. will touch on the iPod but also talk more broadly about media, including a more evolved iTunes and new ways to watch content in the living room. Apple's invitation to the event this year featured a picture of an acoustic guitar, complete with an Apple logo, naturally, and, as usual, it has prompted a guessing game. New iPods? New Apple TV? New streaming-video service? Perhaps all of the above. Here are some of our thoughts on what we think we might see and what we hope Apple will reveal on Wednesday morning... Read the full story by Erica Ogg and Donald Bell on CNET

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