Coming November 11th, Nick Jonas has dropped the "Administration" part of his old solo handle and is simply going as his own name on his new LP Nick Jonas. Going for more of an R&B flavor this time around, as opposed to his signature pop-rock stylings, the Jonas Brother's second single "Jealous" is making waves because of the sexy music video: it stars his real-life girlfriend, Olivia Culpo. Nick and Olivia met when she was competing in the 2013 Miss USA competition that the JoBro was co-hosting. Seeing as Culpo is a pageant queen, it seems only fitting that Jonas would pen a track about how he feels when other people compete for the beauty's attention. The music video for "Jealous" features her clad in only underwear playing the cello, with Nick crooning the chorus It’s not your fault that they hover / I mean no disrespect / It’s my right to be hellish / I still get jealous. Look out for a song with Demi Lovato on Nick's new album, a duet entitled "Avalanche," which could be the next single.

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