With a new album in the works entitled The Pink Print, Nicki Minaj's debut single off the upcoming third record from the rapper, "Pills N Potions", finally has a music video to its name. Starring Minaj, naturally, the video picks up on the lyrical play on pill-popping being compared to falling in love, and it has Nicki looking her most understated yet. Usually known for her over-the-top wigs and dramatic makeup, Minaj decided to take a simpler route in the music video for "Pills N Potions", which randomly stars fellow rapper Game as the silent love interest in the clip. He's the perfect contrast to Nicki: covered in tattoos and sporting quite a wild beard, he offsets her new minimal style quite nicely. As mentioned, it's not quite sure when Nicki Minaj's The Pink Print will be out, but if any of the songs sound like "Pills N Potions", we know we're going to love it.

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