Five years ago Scotland was the hub of world-class guitar music. With [mp3com-artist]Snow Patrol[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Belle and Sebastian[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Franz Ferdinand[/mp3com-artist] all calling the city home, it felt like every night a chart-busting band could be playing one of the city’s dive bars. But as those top-flight bands locked themselves into studios or into world tours the city’s bright sparks made themselves busy making new sounds. From the dubstep of [mp3com-artist]Kode9 [/mp3com-artist]to the sultry voice of [mp3com-artist]Amy Macdonald[/mp3com-artist], Glasgow lived up to its reputation. Try the three free MP3s from the bands below for a quick trip into Glasgow's soundscape. But be warned, you might get a little too comfy with that Scottish lilt. [caption id="attachment_71271" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="How To Swim"][/caption] Artist: [mp3com-artist]How To Swim[/mp3com-artist] Track: “From Here to Dundee Slash Eternity” Sounds like: A rock show in a pixie’s backyard For fans of: [mp3com-artist]Camera Obscura[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]She & Him[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Au Revoir Simone[/mp3com-artist] For some Free MP3's, head over to How To Swim's Page [caption id="attachment_71280" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="Alasdair Roberts"][/caption] Artist: [mp3com-artist]Alasdair Roberts[/mp3com-artist] Track: “Little Sir Hugh” ( version) Sounds like: Shakespeare after a few single malt whiskies For fans of: [mp3com-artist]James Yorkstone[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Malcolm Middleton[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]King Creosote[/mp3com-artist] [mp3com-download url="" artist="Cherri Fosphate" song="Passion" expiration="01/01/2012" email="none" year="2011" label="Unsigned"/] [caption id="attachment_71276" align="alignnone" width="385" caption="Cherri Phosphate"][/caption] Artist: Cherri Fosphate Track: “Passion” Sounds like: Merrily drinking with your best pals on a Tuesday night For Fans of: Two Door Cinema Club, Foals, Bloc Party

Artists: Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol

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