Southern pop rockers [mp3com-artist]Parachute [/mp3com-artist]got their start int he college town of Charlottesville, Virgina when the band members were still in high school. In 2005 they released their first EP, titled One Small Step. Listening to "Kiss Me Slowly" off of their newest LP The Way It Was, it's impressive to see how far the group has come. Distilling American rock n' roll, soul and Top-40 pop into their own catchy style, [mp3com-artist]Parachute [/mp3com-artist]have become a tight, focused outfit. They clearly recognize the power of a good hook, and they load up every track with enough of them to make them irresistible as a listener. Written during tours with [mp3com-artist]Kelly Clarkso[/mp3com-artist]n and [mp3com-artist]The Plain White T's[/mp3com-artist], The Way it Was shows [mp3com-artist]Parachute [/mp3com-artist]taking some cues from their peers. Singer Will Anderson has an impressive croon and syncs up well with his lead guitarist Nate McFarland. Tracks like "Kiss me Slowly" aren't reinventing the wheel in terms of songcraft, but that's not a bad thing when your understanding of how to write a a good rock song is this solid. Get a free MP3 download of "Kiss Me Slowly," courtesy of our friends at

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