It's the age old debate: the husband wants speakers that rock, the wife wants speakers that fit the decor. Southern California startup company PerSuede Audio aims to please both factions. Engineered to sound better than your average iPod dock and designed to fit into your interior designer's feng shui, audio junkies Jim Huseby and Brad Pfeifer were at the Consumer Electronic Show last week to hype their new line of speakers called PerSuede. "We want people to use and see these are furniture," said Huseby, who notes the suede that covers the speakers is the same as what goes on the seats of the newest Ferarris. That fact may not sell your wife but, with a goal to "fill the world with high quality audio that's fashion forward," the boys from PerSuede seem to be headed in the right direction. Intrigued? Read Paul Sloan's missive from Vegas on

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