For our RCRD LBL Essentials mix this week we bring you a playlist of music from some of the coolest chicks out there right now. Check out fresh remixes of[mp3com-artist] Lana del Rey[/mp3com-artist] and[mp3com-artist] Little Dragon[/mp3com-artist], and new songs from [mp3com-artist]La Sera[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Frankie Rose[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Brooke Fraser[/mp3com-artist] and[mp3com-artist] Prince Rama[/mp3com-artist]. [rcrd-lbl][/rcrd-lbl] This has not been [mp3com-artist]Lana del Rey[/mp3com-artist]'s week. The poor girl took a lot of criticism for her nationally televised performance this past weekend on Saturday Night Live - even mild mannered NBC news anchor Brian Williams (who apparently is up on his indie rock) took some digs at her. The internet giveth and the internet taketh away. As one of the big internet breakthrough acts of 2011, this incident has many wondering if [mp3com-artist]Lana del Rey[/mp3com-artist] was actually ready for the spotlight. With just a two-song EP to her name, many view her rapid rise to fame as simply a  product of internet hype.  At any rate, [mp3com-artist]Lana Del Rey[/mp3com-artist] has performances booked on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Ellen Degeneres Show and SXSW, so hopefully this will be just a minor hiccup in her career. And to be fair, [mp3com-artist]Lana del Rey[/mp3com-artist]'s two songs are pretty great in a moody, sultry sort of way and have spawned a ton of great remixes. [mp3com-artist]AlunaGeorge[/mp3com-artist] does a nice rework of "Born to Die," imbuing the original with a little extra bounce and pep. Following that is [mp3com-artist] Little Dragon[/mp3com-artist] another 2011 breakout star. Her powerful voice and funky sense of melody have turned a lot of heads this year. With a solid backing band supporting her, 2012 is looking bright for[mp3com-artist] Little Dragon[/mp3com-artist]. Brooke Fraser brings things back down with  her earnest, folksy track "Something in the Water." Sounding a bit like a lost track from a Feist album, the song is sweet and easy on the ears. Another standout from this week's Essentials mix is "Please Be My Third Eye" from [mp3com-artist]La Sera[/mp3com-artist]. La Sera is the solo name of Katy Goodman, who also plays with girl group [mp3com-artist]Vivian Girls[/mp3com-artist].  "Please Be My Third Eye" is a single from her upcoming second LP and sees her going with a bit more muscular of a sound than she had on her winsome debut album. [mp3com-artist]Frankie Rose[/mp3com-artist] makes an appearance as well with her new wave tinged pop gem "I Know." With a peppy beat, dreamy synths and Rose's breathy vocals, this track hits on a number of levels. Dancefloor, rainy day, power walking, this is the type of track who's pop charms make it suitable for any number of situations. To wrap things up, [mp3com-artist]Prince Rama[/mp3com-artist] gets a little spooky on her psychedelic  "Summer of Love." I'm not sure if it's what people were listening to back in 1969, but it seems to capture the experimental, care-free sentiment of the era well. To check out more RCRD LBL Essentials click HERE!

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