RCRD LBL Essentials Vol. 17 features hot new tracks from some of the most exciting artists out there right now. Check out tracks from [mp3com-artist]School of Seven Bells[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]La Sera[/mp3com-artist],[mp3com-artist]Mona[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Crystal Castles[/mp3com-artist] and more! [rcrd-lbl]http://rcrdlbl.com/widgets2.0/core/?m=show_widget&w=essentials030112[/rcrd-lbl] To start out, pop duo [mp3com-artist]School of Seven Bells[/mp3com-artist] get a sweet remix from New York  Scissor Sisters (who had an awesome track on Essentials Volume 14  too). [mp3com-artist]School of Seven Bells[/mp3com-artist] have a pretty amazing new album out, we featured their single "The Night" as an MP3 of the Day back in January. If you haven't heard the song yet, do yourself a favor and check it out - truly a masterful exercise in electropop. Their track here, "Lafaye," is no different. A jubilant melody and Alejandra Deheza’s ethereal vocals [mp3com-artist]Say Anything[/mp3com-artist] switch things up with a punk-y track. "Burn A Miracle" is a fiery (no pun intended) track in the vein of classic 90's punk acts like [mp3com-artist]Against Me![/mp3com-artist]. [mp3com-artist]La Sera[/mp3com-artist] is a seemingly endless source of catchy-as-hell fuzzy girl rock. [mp3com-artist]La Sera[/mp3com-artist] (aka Katy Goodman of the Vivian Girls) has a new album out - titled Sees the Light - that is chock full of songs like this. For another, check out our MP3 of the Day  "Devil's Heart Grows Gold". Turing Machine brings us back to the dancefloor with their down and dirty "Slave to the Algorythm." With a fun mix of electronics, live instruments, and a grinding, insistent distorted bassline, the song is sure to get you goin. [mp3com-artist]Mona[/mp3com-artist] wins the award for most beautiful track on this week's playlist for their song "Lean Into the Fall (Piano Version)." A touching song about falling recklessly for someone, the song is rendered even more poignant by its simple arrangement. Sometimes more doesn't equal better. By stripping away everything but the bare essentials, Mona lets the song's powerful emotion take center stage. [mp3com-artist]Crystal Castles[/mp3com-artist]' new single "Suffocation" gets a dark, ominous remix by West Coast noise rockers[mp3com-artist]HEALTH[/mp3com-artist]. The two have a history together, back in 2008 [mp3com-artist]Crystal Castles[/mp3com-artist] did an incredible remix of [mp3com-artist]HEALTH[/mp3com-artist]'s "Crimewave." This time around the collaboration is just as strong, with [mp3com-artist]HEALTH[/mp3com-artist] giving the song some raw energy (not that Crystal Castles are really lacking energy themselves). [mp3com-artist]War[/mp3com-artist] wraps up this week's playlist with their distorted, bouncy "Brodermort." An interesting, somewhat abstract song, "Brodermort" creates its own little world that you can lose yourself in. That's it for this week's Essentials Mix! If you're still looking for more great tunes, be sure to check out our past editions of RCRD LBL Essentials!

Artists: Crystal Castles

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