Welcome to the 25th edition of RCRD LBL Essentials! For this milestone, we're bringing you some extra special tracks from the likes of [mp3com-artist]Moby[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]The Phenomenal Handclap Band[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Dntel[/mp3com-artist], and [mp3com-artist]Stalley[/mp3com-artist]. [rcrd-lbl]http://rcrdlbl.com/widgets2.0/core/?m=show_widget&w=essentials042612[/rcrd-lbl] To kick things off, [mp3com-artist]David Lynch[/mp3com-artist], the esteemed director (who apparently also dabbles in music?!) gives [mp3com-artist]Moby[/mp3com-artist]'s track "The Poison Tree" a dark, moody remix in the way that only the man behind such twisted films as Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive could. Featuring a heavy, plodding bassline, the track has a nocturnal, film noir quality to it that is complemented by the sensual female vocals. Not exactly dancefloor material, but utterly captivating nonetheless. [mp3com-artist]The Phenomenal Handclap Band[/mp3com-artist] ratchets up the energy level with their plucky "Radio Girls." The funky bassline and strong female vocals give this track a serious disco groove. [mp3com-artist]Stalley[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Curren$y[/mp3com-artist] chill things out a bit with "Hammers and Vogues." Two of the hottest up and coming rappers in the game, the results are always stellar when these two get together. For further evidence check out "Address," one of the highlights off of Curren$y's excellent album Pilot Talk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9EuIRsXoL8 Indie pop godhead [mp3com-artist]Dntel[/mp3com-artist] (aka [mp3com-artist]Jimmy Tamberello[/mp3com-artist], who is one half of [mp3com-artist]The Postal Service[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Figurine[/mp3com-artist]) opened up many indie rockers ears to the allure of electro-pop with his classic track "(This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan." "Bright Night" is a brand new track that features his signature lush, melodic electronic production. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE9k0OhoxXA [mp3com-artist]Keep Shelly in Athens[/mp3com-artist] turns Tycho's "Dive" into an atmospheric track that sounds like the soundtrack to slow-motion underwater footage (in a good way). [mp3com-artist]Felix[/mp3com-artist]'s "Oh Thee 73" features more lovely female vocals. The track starts off sparse and contemplative, and slowly buildings with more instrumentation to a beautiful crescendo. [mp3com-artist]Cities Aviv[/mp3com-artist] wraps ups the playlist on a completely manic note. Squalls of distortion fire off at regular intervals in something that comes close to resembling a beat. Heavily reverbed rap vocals float around in the mix, creating what is wholely original sounding track.

Artists: Moby

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